GREENMAX Provides a New Method to Dispose EPS

Nowadays, more and more people pay close attention to Styrofoam as it is detrimental to the planet. In fact, Styrofoam is a trade name for expanded polystyrene (EPS).

According to 2015 BBC report, polystyrene beads are processed using chemicals that are steamed and expand, creating the substance EPS. It is widely used in the world because it is lightweight and 98% air. It keeps products hot or cold by offering good insulation properties.

However, EPS can’t be easily decomposed by microorganism in the water and soil. Therefore, it can bring a big disaster without disposing correctly. Fortunately, GREENMAX is a specialist in handling EPS. The brand has helped many businesses including Europe, America, Oceania and so on.

QLS Group, a national warehousing company, applied EPS densifier GREENMAX M-C300 from the company Intco Recycling. In order to implement the Australian government's plan called NTCRS (short for National Television and Computer Recycling Schene), QLS made a plan to help retailers to recycle EPS better. The good news is that GREENMAX help QLS dispose EPS scraps about 5000 tons every month. In addition, Intco purchased the compressed EPS back as a good price. The compressed EPS will be sent to factories which can transform them into pellets.

In fact, this business model is an economic and eco-friendly cycle. These white pellets also can be manufactured into new products like moldings, photo frames, CD cases and so on. Intco Recycling not only helps EPS businesses dispose EPS waste successfully, but also provides a new method to solve the environmental problem EPS brings.