GREENMAX Provide A Complete EPS Recycling Program


If you are a large number of EPS users, how do you deal with the resulting EPS waste? The use of EPS is huge by retailers, fishery products, packaging, etc. After accumulating too much waste EPS, it is common call local recycling center to find out whether they accept EPS. If it is accepted, you need to pay the landfill fee. In case of it is not acceptable, may be added to a large amount of transportation expenses to be transported to an acceptable place.


Year by year, the cost of disposing of waste EPS has become a big expense, even a burden. As a result, these industries are beginning to seek a new economic and environmentally friendly approach. After learning that EPS can be recycled, the recycling specialist GREENMAX provided them with a complete plastic recycling program.


The EPS has 95% air content, is light in weight but bulky, and takes up a lot of space and cannot be recycled without any treatment. GREENMAX has developed a professional EPS recycling machine that throws loose foam waste into the hopper of the EPS densifier. The loose foam waste will be broken into small pieces in the grinder and then melted at high temperatures. The melted EPS foam is finally extruded into a mold and compressed into EPS block 80 times smaller than the original size.


In addition to being convenient for storage and transportation, the EPS block has the greatest advantage in that it can be sold again. The frame, insulation board and other industries have a large demand for recycled EPS. At the same time, GREENMAX also guarantees the repurchase of recycled EPS.


GREENMAX's EPS recycling program can turned expenses into profit. This new type of plastic waste disposal is popular in industries such as retailers, packaging, and fishery products.