GREENMAX polystyrene densifier used in different industries

Nowadays, polystyrene recycling has become a familiar business, and in which industries is the polystyrene densifier widely used?

1.Polystyrene production and cutting industries

Polystyrene waste produced by manufacturers are usually foam scraps and dust. The accumulation of polystyrene waste takes up space in the workshop and can easily cause safety risks. In addition, manufacturers also recycle polystyrene waste from their customers for disposal. Many manufacturers and cutters use shredders to dispose of the waste and sell it to the construction industry. However, the price of crushed materials is much lower than that of compressed foam blocks. Professional polystyrene densifier is necessary for the foam production industry.

2.Polystyrene recycling industry

Polystyrene is recyclable, but not all recyclers accept it. Recyclers' collection of resources is relatively complex, including industrial resources and living resources. Recyclers who produce plastic and paper often receive some polystyrene waste at the same time. Because of the mixed sources of these wastes, a more specialized polystyrene densifier is required in order to diversify these wastes.

3.Logistics industry

As a packaging material, polystyrene is a good protective material in the transportation process. In the logistics industry, especially for the storage and distribution services of household appliances and furniture, a large amount of foam packaging waste is generated during distribution and installation process. And a large amount of polystyrene packaging needs to be dealt with. Because Do to the lightweight and high transportation cost, it is more valuable to purchase a polystyrene densifier for processing and selling foam blocks.

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier has different models according the requirements of our customers. Both manufacturers and retail stores can apply this type of machine. The foam densifier helps you reduce foam volume for 90 times and facilitate your transportation and compression block sales.