GREENMAX Polystyrene Densifier Performs Better Among Opponents In Foam Recycling Area

Expanded polystyrene foam packaging materials have been used in various industries, especially in food-graded packaging and delivery packaging industries, due to its extreme lightweight and packaging features, 90% of them will be thrown away after they fulfill their responsibilities, this has been leading a great pressure to environment. To better pacify this foam pollution, a styrofoam densifier is one of the most popular methods.

Hot melting foam recycling machine also named as styrofoam densifier, which is an equipment produces densifier after a process of shredding, heating and extruding, the foam becomes the densified PS ingots, and volume reduction ratio up to 90:1. So the compression ratio of MARS is very high. Meanwhile, compared with other brands on the market, GREENMAX polystyrene densifier has a strong grinder leading to the processing, which is working for various volumes of foam wastes, also not easy to be choked.

Unlike other low quality machine, if you stuff the throat that limits through-put their user may have to buy a more pro grinder elsewhere if they are doing 500lbs an hour or more. Additionally, some customer often complain while their weight per container is good, it is not what seller originally promised, which would have been closer to 20lbs density or so, it is around 16-17lbs currently,moreover, the densified material often has problems with densifying eps with a density greater than maybe 4lbs/ft-3, it cracks and does not form nice blocks.

GREENMAX recycling machine can be your ideal choice in the above concerns, so you can be rest assured to use GREENMAX polystyrene densifier.

While using densifiers to compact collected foam materials into condensed polystyrene blocks that are shipped to end markets and then recycled them into new products.

With the help of a professional foam densifier, you can place the foam disposal to a better use and help in reducing environmental pollution, you get to enhance your recycling efficiency among your competitors. Installing the foam densifier in your facility, you may also contribute to the economy as those densified blocks that can be sold at a high price on the market to end-users.