GREENMAX polystyrene densifier makes foam waste valuable for recycling


In most roadside recycling programs, polystyrene is part of a long list of recycled contaminants (unrecyclable waste material, items cannot be placed in recycling bins). However, as long as it is separated from most of the waste, polystyrene is valuable for recycling.



It is well known that polystyrene recycling requires investment in professional recycling equipment. High quality equipment is not cheap, but from the perspective of long-term return on investment, the benefits of polystyrene recycling are far greater than the expenditure. Let's take a look at the equipment required for polystyrene recycling and the application of recycled foam blocks.

As a top polystyrene recycling machine manufacturer, GREENMAX offers a wide range of polystyrene recycling machines in a variety of capacities to meet the needs of specific facilities. Our recycling product line includes polystyrene screw compactor and polystyrene densifier (hot melt machine), foam crushers, beverage package dewater, customized silo and conveyor belt. Now GREENMAX polystyrene densifier is widely used worldwide.



Densification of polystyrene involves using a polystyrene densifier to melt the loose foam material into dense ingots, it results in a mass reduction of 90:1, which greatly reduces the storage and transportation cost.

Polystyrene densifier can yield the following benefits:

Lower transportation costs to market;

Enhanced value and broader market for densified foam ingots;

Elimination of baling polystyrene, freeing up baling equipment for higher volume materials.



The melted foam ingots are one of the main resources of foam product manufacturers around the world. It can be used to make picture frames, furniture, fences, electrical components, toys, CD cases, etc.

INTCO recycling is also a recycled polystyrene buyer, we purchase foam blocks and lumps around the world for picture frames and skirting boards manufacturing.