GREENMAX polystyrene densifier helps you cut labor and disposal cost during foam waste recycling


Polystyrene is a recyclable material and has high reusing value, but the cost of waste polystyrene disposal is a concern for most businesses.


Large volume has become the biggest problem of polystyrene collection and transportation. Polystyrene takes up a lot of space, and end users have to pay high handling fees to get the local WM or recycling company to take it away on a regular basis. Even some recyclers refuse to accept polystyrene waste because of high shipping and handling costs.


All these problems can be solved as the foam recycling machines are put into use. GREENMAX polystyrene densifier helps you cut labor and disposal cost during foam waste recycling.


GREENMAX polystyrene densifier can densify four main types of foam – EPS (expanded polystyrene), XPS (extruded polystyrene), EPE (polyethylene foam) and EPP (polypropylene foam). Depending on foam type and density, the maximum output capacity of the M-C200 densifier is 200kg per hour, and volume reduction ratio can reach 90:1.


GREENMAX MARS series hot melting densifier is a semi-automatic recycling machine. After debugging the PLC, only one worker is needed to feed the waste foam materials. The foam waste is crushed by the cutting knife, and the waste foam materials are heated to densify and extruded into dense foam ingots. All of our machines have passed rigorous air quality testing to ensure health and environmental safety. We can help you apply for local government subsidies and provide a one-year warranty.


The most important is that the company can buy back all your foam ingots if the material is in high quality and can be offered at a good price. With the help of GREENMAX, you can launch your polystyrene project without any worries.