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ERA Suffers from Polystyrene Packaging for Electronic Products


ERA Electronic Recycling Australia, shorted for ERA, is a company specialized in e-waste recycling. With the development of economy, more and more people begin to use electronic products. As is known to us, electronic products are expensive and easy to damage, so we usually need a lot of polystyrene to package them. The main method for ERA to dispose of polystyrene waste is to throw them directly into the trash bins. As a consequence, the trash bins are quickly full, requiring taken up by the waste management company frequently. ERA has to pay expensive fees every month for waste polystyrene disposal.



ERA clearly aims to recycle electronic products to have a positive impact on the environment, but at the same time, it creates more waste polystyrene, which is obviously not what they want to see. Therefore, when GREENMAX Recycling recommended polystyrene densifier to ERA, it fundamentally cured their headache of waste polystyrene.



How is Polystyrene Densifier Disposing of Waste Polystyrene


When ERA purchased the Mars-C200 polystyrene densifier designed by GREENMAX, they easily obtained a new method to turn waste into treasure. They can deal with the waste polystyrene while disposing of the waste electronic products. The operation process of polystyrene densifier is very simple. The collected electronic product polystyrene packaging is directly thrown into hopper and crushed by a crusher. Then waste polystyrene will be melted after heating, then the melted polystyrene is squeezed out, becoming a melted polystyrene ingot, which’s volume is reduced to 1 / 90 of its original size. The melted ingots will save much storage space and labor cost, even create profits by selling it to the recyclers



GREENMAX Recycling Help You Save Cost and Protect Environment


GREENMAX Recycling has more than 1000 customers all over the world, ERA is just one of them. We are committed to providing a complete recycling project for every enterprise struggling with the waste polystyrene. Using GREENMAX recycling machine can protect the environment and save storage and disposing costs of polystyrene. Apart from this, selling the melted ingots can achieve extra profits. Obviously, this will be a gospel for many businesses.