GREENMAX Polystyrene Compactor Is Willingly To Lend A Hand To Recycle Styrofoam Packaging Waste

Usually polystyrene packaging wastes generated from curbside or drop-off recycling programs or specific distribution center such as furniture, construction industry, in order to close the loop by recycling single-used polystyrene packaging and utilizing recycled polystyrene to produce new products and packaging material, a polystyrene compactor is indispensable.

Polystyrene is commonly used in foam form as rigid packaging and in containers, cups and utensils in supermarkets and take-out food service applications. Especially in building construction, styrofoam can be used as fillings in engineering construction or insulation board used in heat the wall while in winter.

GREENMAX recycling spares no efforts to provide customers with high quality recycling machine, which can be divided into two major kinds with different technology, one is EPS compactor with cold compression technology, and the other is hot-melting technology.

The melting technology of GREENMAX foam densifier can reduce the volume of loose foam up to ratio 90:1, this process helps reduce much truck and labor costs compared with the previous disposing way, with extra exhausting pipe can extremely cut down the noise and smell while at working.
And the other one called cold compression compactor is designed especially for EPS recycling and it can work at a reduction ratio of 50:1 which means if you put 50m³ loose foam into the hopper, the compactors will crush the foam into pieces and then compress the pieces into EPS blocks which are 50 times smaller than before.

Despite that there is a lot of polystyrene disposals surrounding us, however, we are confronting with the lack of available material because it is not properly and efficiently recycled and reused.

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor enables us to close the loop and prevents valuable EPS wastes from entering our lands, waterways and oceans and helps a lot in packaging recycling industry.”