GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is a great tool in application to polystyrene recycling


Environmentalists often complain about low recycling rates of the waste, but few notice that the lack of waste disposal infrastructure is a real challenge. Today we will put focus on waste polystyrene recycling.


According to the American Chemical Council, polystyrene is a multifunctional plastic resin that comes in two forms: solid and foam. Solid polystyrene is used in automobile parts, toys and kitchen utensils. polystyrene foam is used in common products from surfboards to egg cartons.


It is not convenient to recycle polystyrene waste. Polystyrene is usually not included in curbside recycling because it is prone to breakage and may contaminate other recyclables, and polystyrene recycling will create high costs during transportation.


The South African Polystyrene Association also indicates that plastic is not a problem that everyone can solve, and the lack of proper waste management infrastructure is a real challenge. The move comes after the environmental affairs portfolio committee identified five so-called problematic plastic products before the national assembly last week. Products in question include polystyrene, plastic cutlery, mixers, earplugs and straws.


Polystyrene is not only a disposable plastic, it is also a valuable recycled material. At present, in addition to some recyclers began to use polystyrene recycling machine, many end users are also doing well in polystyrene recycling programs.


GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is a great tool in application to polystyrene recycling. Success cases included furniture stores, logistics companies, construction enterprises and packaging companies. All the end-users use the recycling equipment to help achieve polystyrene compression, forming 50:1 compression blocks and then sold them at high prices. This can not only help them save waste disposal costs, but also bring high profits for the enterprise.


In fact, there is a great demand for recycled polystyrene in the market, and many manufacturers use this material to produce photo frames, cornices and stationery. What we can do is to recycle more polystyrene waste.