GREENMAX polystyrene compactor helps a foam manufacturer in Jamaica turn waste into cash


For polystyrene manufacturers, it is necessary to deal with the foam waste during the production process. These scraps and pieces of leftover cause great trouble to them. Fortunately, a foam manufacturer in Jamaica has found a solution to polystyrene waste and finally turned waste into cash.



"We manufacture polystyrene foam and produces a large amount of foam waste every month. Earlier, we threw away or let the recyclers take the foam scraps directly, but it has been proved to be uneconomical. Instead of throwing these waste into landfills, we are likely to find a more effective way for polystyrene recycling.” said Keith Edwards, CEO of Free Form Factory Limited.


The company spent over $5 million in setting up the recycling facility at its Nanse Pen premises in 2015, for which payback is expected to be recovered within five years. After the recycling facility was set up, the company adopted a polystyrene compactor from INTCO recycling. and the foam maker said the purchase had proved to be a prudent decision and we were looking forward to make profits by the foam recycling machine.


Edwards said: "We spent about $35,000 on this machine, but it brings more value than the investment."



The polystyrene compactor designed by INTCO recycling is now known across the world by its brand name GREENMAX. The machine is famous for its advanced cold compacting technology and high compression ratio of 50:1. The loose polystyrene can be quickly turned into small pieces and then compressed as tight blocks after the crushing and compacting process. High-quality spare parts and good after-sales service are the reasons for its popularity.



Since GREENMAX machine put into operation, all foam waste generated during polystyrene production has been recycled in the factory, with none going into the landfill. Edwards said: “ We export recycled polystyrene to China, where the waste foam can be made into new products such as picture frames, window molds, flower pots, hangers and so on. Polystyrene recycling is our long-term business.”