GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier solves the problem of waste foam recycling


Nowadays, expanded polyethylene (EPE) has become a source for various packaging and energy absorption requirements. In most cases, polyethylene products are fully recyclable and more valuable after being recycled.



As more and more avenues for these recycled materials are used, the value of recycled polyethylene is increasing. Therefore, we must overcome the challenges in the polyethylene recycling process, such as large volume and light weight, large space occupation, high transportation costs, etc., For this process, professional polyethylene foam densifier is necessary.

The demand for sustainable materials, including expanded polyethylene foam, is pretty evident these days. GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier not only helps you solve transportation difficulties, but also encourages you to develop new business.



As a polyethylene manufacturer or cutter, waste foam scraps are common during the production and cutting process. These polyethylene waste not only take up the warehouse space, but also easily lead to fire and other safety hazards. GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier can crush and melt these waste in time, saving storage spaces and eliminating potential safety hazards. In addition, the compressed foam block can be sold at a high price or used for reproduction.

Some polyethylene end-users are often troubled by foam packaging waste. Contacting a local recycler or waste management company to dispose polyethylene waste is often not very timely and requires a certain fee. If you can invest in a polyethylene densifier, the equipment will help you effectively prevent these waste entering landfill.



In recent years, the technology for GREENMAX equipment to handle polyethylene materials has become more and more mature. GREENMAX mainly offers two types of machines for polyethylene recycling, the ZEUS series surface melting machine and the MARS series polyethylene foam densifier. The two machines have different operating principles and different compression ratios, and the maximum compression ratio can be as high as 90:1, which can help you greatly reduce the foam volume. GREENMAX is committed to providing you with more professional equipment and services.