GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier is a great tool to promote waste polyethylene foam recycling

When you get home appliances, such as TV sets, furniture and even watches, you usually get packages known as pearl cotton. Actually, it's polyethylene foam, a new type of impact resistant packaging material. Polyethylene foam have many of the same properties as EPS, and it is recyclable with the application of professional polyethylene foam densifier.

Like other foam materials, polyethylene foam also takes a long time to break down. To prevent more polyethylene waste from entering landfills, some companies have begun to look for more efficient ways for polyethylene foam recycling.

The polyethylene foam densifier designed by GREENMAX adopts advanced melting technology and is widely used in polyethylene recycling. This type of machine has a high capacity of 100-300kg per hour, and the compression ratio reaches 90:1. After melting, the PE foam waste can be absorbed and converted into dense ingots, thus making the transportation process more convenient and economical. The wide application of GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier mainly benefits from the high quality, easy to operate and large capacity characteristics.

GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier is suitable for the disposal of polyethylene foam in different types. Common packaging boxes and polyethylene sheet, also can handle thinner type, which we often referred to as polyethylene foam roll. For this reason, GREENMAX has specially designed two feed inlets, the top is suitable for block-shaped polyethylene sheet, the following is specifically for polyethylene foam roll, this design has truly achieved one machine dual purpose.

The polyethylene foam densifier can not only help save storage space in factories and reduce transportation costs, and the melted foam ingots can be also sold to manufacturers for reuse in new products manufacturing. Therefore, professional machine is a great tool to promote the recycling of polyethylene foam.