GREENMAX PE foam densifier is reliable to be used for PE foam recycling in construction industry

It is known to all that PE foam is a widely used packaging material that involves a variety of industries, but do you know? It is also a good insulation and construction material. Due to the strong anti-buffering ability and non-deformation characteristics, PE foam is often used as a insulation and waterproof material for roofs, while in wall space, it is possible to use PE foam as a cushioning and anti-shrinking material.

PE foam has many advantages, it is not only an environmentally friendly material, but also can be recycled and reused. With the advancement of time and, continuous development and application of products, PE foam will be more widely used in the construction industry.

Since PE foam is recyclable, many manufacturers, recyclers and even end users are trying the found the ways to dispose of their large amount of foam waste. Having been purchasing EPS waste across the world for many years, INTCO recycling is the leading company in foam recycling industry. In order to help more enterprises to realize effective recycling of plastic foam waste, the company developed professional EPS compactor and with the update of technology, it has specially designed a foam densifier which can dispose both EPS and PE foam materials in the flowing years.

The principle of the GREENMAX PE foam densifier is relatively simple, it mainly works with the crushing and melting technology. Through the crusher, the bulky foam waste will be smashed into pieces and by screw compression and melting, the pieces will be melted into ingots, which then be cooled and shaped by square molds.

The capacity of the machine ranges from 50 to 300 kilogram per hour which depends on different models, and the compression ratio reaches 90:1. The equipment is very reliable to be used for a long time in the absence of unexpected circumstance.

The main goal of PE foam recycling is to turn the waste into valuable resources, GREENMAX has given a good example, because the melted PE foam blocks are in high quality and will be sold for new products production.