GREENMAX PE Foam Compactor is an Effective Tool to Recyle PE Foam


PE Foam Recycling - More Troublesome Than EPS Recycling


As is known to us, foam is widely used in every corner of life, because of its low cost, thermal insulation and seismic resistance. However, there's an old saying that every sword has two edges. Although foam is very convenient, it has been restricted or even banned in many places because it cannot be degraded even for many years. At present, the processing technology for EPS foam has made great progress. But when it comes to PE foam recycling, many people still feel headache of it.


PE foam is commonly seen used in the packaging of various precision electronic products or the outer packaging of fruits. Compared with EPS foam, it is more difficult to recycle due to the high elasticity, which makes it cannot be compressed tightly if only rely on physical compression. In this regard, GREENMAX specially designed a recycling machine for PE foam recycling – PE foam compactor Zeus series.


pe foam packaging

The highlights of GREENMAX PE Foam Compactor in PE Foam Recycling


Unlike other recycling machines, of GREENMAX, GREENMAX compactor Zeus series skillfully combines two different technologies of cold pressing and hot melting. It is well known that PE foam is elastic, and it is likely to disperse during transportation even if it is physically squeezed. The traditional EPS compactor throws foam into hopper and cold presses it to form ingots. On this basis, the PE foam compactor also melts the surface of PE foam, which can prevent the cold pressed PE foam from scattering again during transportation.


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Compacted PE foam need less store space and could offer convenience to transportation. Then store cost and transportation cost could be saved. In addition, compacted polyethylene foam could be sold to get extra money.


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GREENMAX Recycling is Constantly Innovating and Making Progress


Since its inception in 2010, GREENMAX has more than 100 customers, making it an expert in the recycling industry. Just as it will not completely apply the treatment method of EPS foam to PE foam recycling, it will design the PE foam compactor which can better dispose of PE foam. GREENMAX has never stopped its pace of innovation and progress.