GREENMAX machines will be more widely used in the foam recycling industry


Foam peanuts separately from other items in the box, including cardboard, any paper instructions, plastic bags and other foam packaging. Peanuts made from polystyrene can be recycled, but it is hard to find recyclers who accept them.


Packaging foam peanuts are everywhere, and you may hate the crumbs the boxes bring around the house, but to protect the product in transportation, you have to accept it. Some things are more challenging than others, and foam recycling are one of them.


Curbside recycling programs do not always accept foam packaging peanuts (also known as plastic #6). Looking for a local recycling center that can accept polystyrene peanuts, put it into plastic bags and then into recycling bins. Some end users even use professional machines for foam peanuts recycling.


As we all know, the foam recycling machine on the market is mainly divided into screw compacting and hot melting two types, foam peanuts due to loose and granular, aree more suitable for crushing and melting. The foam densifier is more powerful with high compression ratio.


GREENMAX MARS series foam densifier is specially designed for polystyrene packaging peanuts and dust recycling. The melting technology can achieve a compression ratio of 90:1, thus effectively reducing the volume of foam waste. The operation process is efficient and free of waste, and it make more profits than costs.


GREENMAX machines have recycling cases of foam dust in many countries and regions. In recent years, in order to improve customer convenience, we have also developed automatic feeding device, which greatly improved the foam recycling efficiency. GREENMAX machines will be more widely used in the foam recycling industry.