GREENMAX machines can help you get rid of large chunks of Styrofoam

Lots of items in our daily life may come with very large blocks of Styrofoam packaging, especially during transportation. Such lightweight and bulky foam is difficult to transport and store when recycling, and also hard to get into even huge garbage bags. Is there a better way to dispose Styrofoam when recycling?

We encounter the stuff frequently as packaging materials, takeout food containers, house insulation and other items that bring convenience to our life.

Many urban recycling companies don't accept waste Styrofoam, citing its difficulty to keep clean and uncontaminated, especially takeout containers. That means the action of Styrofoam recycling brings almost no economic benefits.

Imaging that the trucks need to haul such a large, lightweight commodity, which contains more than 95% air. The cost of transportation is not proportional to the value of the waste Styrofoam, not to mention the storage and processing.

However, if you can reasonably turn your waste Styrofoam into a dense block, this waste material can become valuable items after being recycled. GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor is just the machine that you need. With the simple feeding, intelligent crushing and effective compressing process, GREENMAX machines are highly appreciated with stable performance and fine systemic designs. Furthermore, the Styrofoam compactor can realize volume reduction at a ratio of 50:1 for all kinds of foams. GREENMAX offers not only efficient machines, but also systemic design and professional technology.

After the whole process, the compacted block can then be turned into house insulation boards, photo frames, buffet trays and more new Styrofoam materials.

The recycling market will continue to grow, with better intensive technology and more foam recycling machines applied, believe it or not, these fragile pieces of Styrofoam won't be a burden in the next few years.