GREENMAX Machine will Appear On K Show 2016

On K show 2016, GREENMAX Machine., a recycling equipment supplier from China, will showcase its latest recycling equipment with the concept of "minimalist design and easy recycling".

Since K 2013, GREENMAX machine is recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of plastic recycling machine. The growth of GREENMAX in the market is rapid, GREENMAX recycling machine has sold into other countries such as the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Portugal, Lithuania, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Kenya, India, Indonesia. In recent years, through close cooperation and interaction with customers, GREENMAX can in-depth understand customer-specific needs, and then continue to improve machine to meet the customer. In order to allow customers to operate more simple and convenient, GREENMAX re-design of a new generation of styrofoam densifier, will attend in K show 2016 with new recycling concept "minimalist design, easy recycling".

GREENMAX saw many disadvantages of over-computer interfaces in the market, such as complex system setup, lengthy repairs, and overly sensitive sensing issues that can affect "uninterrupted operation" at the customer's plant. In view of this, GREENMAX will soon improve the operating interface for the computer and manual two-way intelligent control system, such as cutting the dense system inverter control, temperature compensation control, extrusion system temperature and speed control, cutting speed automatic control. So that machinery in the emergency situation is not limited to a single software limit, still be able to use manually mode to continue the production line and optimize the production parameters adjustment, so highly innovative design is many European recycling machine manufacturers can not achieve the flexibility and convenience.

In the after-sales service, GREENMAX provides customers with a complete maintenance manual, parts replacement documents, machine manuals, machine troubleshooting tools and so on. Customers can view these maintenance manuals online in real time, it makes operation easier and more convenient. In addition, GREENMAX also built a complete online parts supply and demand system to meet customer demand in real time.

GREENMAX new generation styrofoam densifier designed specifically for the recycling of EPS, EPE, EPP packaging materials. GREENMAX recycling machine perfectly combines perfectly cutting dense system, extrusion system, the overall structure is compact and reasonable. Cutting dense system can feed evenly after the densification, and then melting and mixing into the extrusion system through centrifugal force way. Styrofoam recycling system eliminates the need for additional crushers for pre-shredding, compared to conventional recyclers, thus avoided the problem of underfeeding or overfeeding, reduced labor costs, power consumption and operating noise damage. One of the major improvements for the recycling machine is the evolutionary engineering.


Main advantages of GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine:
1. High flexibility and automation:
Foam Scrap / Sheet & Pinch Roller Conveyor Polystyrene foam can be fed at the same time with Belt Conveyor, allowing manufacturers to significantly reduce labor costs, save installation space and reduce energy consumption. Since this machine does not require a separate crusher to pre-treat the film waste, the noise level is low during operation.

2. Reducing operating costs:
GREENMAX Recycling Machine has a more compact machine structure, thus can save energy and space. In addition, it is sufficient to require only one person to feed.