GREENMAX machine is in a position of vital significance in environmental protection

While bringing the convenience to human’s social life and production, the development of plastic also leads to a host of waste plastic litter problems. Waste plastic can not be decomposed easily and is deleterious to our environment, which is why it has to be disposed of properly. Especially in recent years, a series of state environmental protection policies have been put into effect. Not only has waste plastic disposal been paid more and more attention, but also the plastic industry is the focus of environmental protection. 

Furthermore, China strictly controls the imported waste and it shows that China will always take the road of sustainable development as well as a firm determination to protect the environment. In such situations, the recycled plastics industry as a part of the greater plastics industry, its development prospects are extremely optimistic.

In order to respond to the policies, GREENMAX has always been dedicated to the recycling industry through EPS recycling, Styrofoam recycling, plastic recycling and PET bottle recycling. INTCO produced recycled plastic has been reused to make their frame products. From recycling waste to production has achieved a 100 percent recycling rate with zero pollution. So how does INTCO archive that? Here is the answer:
For example, the waste plastic foam can be turned into EPS blocks with GREENMAX recycling machines after crushing and compressing it. Then, the EPS blocks can also be granulated into PS pellets, the PS pellets can be sold or be reused to make other recycled products ——framing products,clothes hanger, XPS insulation board and so on.

Recycled plastic will be popular in the era of environmental protection and the GREENMAX machine is in a position of vital significance in environmental protection, which this recycling solution has spread to all over the world. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.