GREENMAX is trusted by Norwegian fish businessmen


A small mountain of styrofoam boxes piles up just outside the original Bergen fish market in Norway. There were so many styrofoams that they had to use a small tractor to push and move them. Used to transport the variety of seafood and produce in one of the world's most active fish market, perhaps some people wonder where these very environmentally unfriendly material will end up.


Fishing industry is one of the most import industries in Norway, creating an indispensable part of GDP. Developed fisheries mean that millions of fish boxes are discarded every day. Because the styrofoam has 95% of the air, the volume is too large, the storage will take up a lot of space, which brings trouble to the transportation. After the fish businessmen weighed the pros and cons, they chose to use the professional styrofoam recycling machine for the recycling of discarded fish boxes.


Fish businessmen choose to buy styrofoam densifier machines developed by the famous brand GREENMAX. The GREENMAX styrofoam densifier machine compresses a large number of foam fish boxes in a 90:1 ratio, and the large-volume fish boxes are compressed into dense ingots, which greatly facilitates storage and transportation.


At the same time, GREENMAX will commit to repurchase compressed foam blocks for granulation and recycling to produce a variety of frame products. In addition to being used in sales channels, we will also select beautiful frame send to our customers.


GREENMAX founded in 2008 has professional technology and over 10 years of experience in polystyrene recycling industry. Norwegian fish businessmen have chosen to use the GREENMAX machine to recycle fish boxes. On the one hand, they can reduce waste plastics and keep them sustainable. On the other hand, they can earn extra money by recycling fish tanks.