GREENMAX is recognized as a good helper for recycling Christmas Styrofoam packaging


According to the U.S. environmental protection agency, Thanksgiving and Christmas day, we generate 25% more waste each week than during the rest of the year. So please recycle your waste while enjoy the holidays!


Actually, Styrofoam is the most common packaging waste. more precisely called expanded Styrofoam, it is a thermoplastic material in which air accounts for more than 98% of the volume. Since the thermal conductivity of the air is very small, and the air in the foam does not convection, it is a good insulation and packaging material that used for home appliances, food, construction and other industries.


As we all know, Styrofoam is usually used only once and then thrown away, which is very wasteful and causes great harm to the environment. After use, millions of tons of white garbage are thrown into the nature and will not degrade for a long time Therefore, on the one hand, serious environmental pollution is caused, and on the other hand, valuable non-renewable resources are wasted. Many scientific researchers around the world are working on how to effectively recycle and reuse waste Styrofoam foam.


The GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor are designed to solve this problem by greatly reducing the size of the Styrofoam waste and achieving a 50:1 compression ratio. Styrofoam compressor is mainly used for processing XPS insulation board, EPS packaging, EPP material, etc. Through continuous improvement of GREENMAX foam recycling machine, the recycling technology has achieved excellent performance.


Recycled Styrofoam material will then be reprocessed to meet industrial packaging requirements and other dense ingots will be pelletized to regenerate eco-friendly frame products.


Styrofoam packaging is so useful material that we must recycle it from our lives and post-consumer aspects. Remember to recycle your foam packaging waste while enjoy the holidays!