GREENMAX is a stable recycling machine supplier to help you dispose of your waste

Polystyrene is non-toxic, lightweight, durable and odorless and thus is the best packaging material when carrying food, vegetables or ice. You can see polystyrene everywhere in many forms. Especially in the market, the polystyrene boxes have been used for vegetables, candies, fruites. When you buy food, fruits or vegetables, have you ever considered how to dispose of these polystyrene boxes after using them. 

This lightweight packaging foam material is trademarked by Dow Chemical as the Styrofoam that we all used to know and used for a long and prosperous time until people begin scrutinizing its ecological impact. As for the material being composed of 98% air, it’s difficult to imagine that Styrofoam is so hard to decompose in nature. 

Styrofoam monopolizes precious landfill space; additionally, environmentalists believe it can potentially persist in its solid form for thousands of years. Due to its ability to break down into smaller non-biodegradable bits, polystyrene is typically consumed by wildlife that mistake it for food, resulting in physical obstructions, starvation and death. 

Recycling the waste Styrofoam box has become a very urgent issue we need to solve. There is a kind of recycing machine called styrofoam densifier and this recycling machine has been used in the styrofoam recycling industry for many years. As a styrofoam densifier supplier, GREENMAX machine has a professional guide for you to recycle the foam. After finishing their mission, the fruit boxes can be compacted into dense blocks with the styrofoam densifier through crushing and compacting thereby making it easy to send it to the recycling plant.

GREENMAX is a stable recycling machine supplier to help you dispose of your waste. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.