GREENMAX Hot-Melting Densifier Will Perfectly Solve The Massive EPE Waste In Wheel Hub Industry

With the development of economy, automobile is no longer a standard configuration for rich people, instead, most ordinary families can afford to buy a car for daily use, this is the reason why car has been popularized.

Within an automobile, some components and parts, especially for wheel hub and cushion, needed to be packaged by polyethylene foam, which unavoidably will generate much EPE disposal.

Compared with polystyrene, polyethylene is a new environment-friendly packaging materials with high buffer and vibration resistance. EPE is flexible, elastic and has typical packaging material properties.

Therefore it is costly to store and transport those EPE waste, but no need to worry too much, GREENMAX hot-melting foam densifier can solve all your problems in recycling EPE waste.

Backed by the most advanced technology, first of all, GREENMAX foam densifier is equipped with double shredding blades, which can crush waste polyethylene foam into small pieces. then, the machine screw will be heated and scattered polyethylene foam will be melted as well.

At last, melted EPE scraps will be extruded from the slot with machine screw rotation. That’s how the foam densifier working EPE waste down to blocks to achieve a reduction ratio at 90:1, which can greatly reduce the space it occupies.
GREENMAX hot melting densifiers are specialists for EPE foam recycling, and are widely used as a protective pad and thermal insulation material for wheel hub packaging material. Polyethylene foam melting machine can effectively promote the recycling of waste polyethylene foam. As a result, polyethylene foam recycling could be conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation.

Taking the help of hot-melting foam densifier, it just likes killing two birds with one stone, not only reduce greatly the EPE generated by wheel hub industry, but also can contribute to the thriving of EPE waste recycling industry, since recycling makes EPE waste a circled economy.