GREENMAX help recycle styrofoam egg cartons in Australia


Eggs are one of the most popular food materials, rich in nutrients and so many different ways to make them. However, have you ever thought about how to properly handle the egg cartons once you have finished eating all the eggs?


The styrofoam egg carton is made of polystyrene, also known as PS or polystyrene number 6, because it has a number six recycling symbol. But the weird thing is that the egg cartons with the recycling symbol can't be thrown into the roadside recycling bin in Australia, otherwise it will be landfilled or discharged into the ocean unless the local community has a recycler that can recycle the styrofoam.


Styrofoam recycling can effectively reduce the entry of styrofom waste into the natural environment, but because of the cost of styrofom stacking and low transportation efficiency, recyclers have to abandon the recycling of styrofom materials.


Fortunately, in Australia, more and more Recyclers, with the help of GREENMAX, began offering polystyrene recycling stations in a range of locations.


Recyclers use the GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier to compress styrofoam, not just styrofoam egg cartons, but other uncontaminated Styrofoam product, such as fish boxes, which can be compressed into dense ingots in a 90:1 ratio. Great for storage and transportation.


In addition to helping recyclers save money on recycled styrofoam, GREENMAX is also promise to buy back styrofoam ingots to bring profits to recyclers, and will continue to help recyclers build more styrofoam recycling stations in Australia.