GREENMAX has taken up the challenge to improve EPS recycling


Due to the environmental problems related to EPS and the negligence of its resource management, EPS has attracted more and more attention nowadays. EPS products have a strong market position in today's economy. Because the products are so widely available, EPS recycling has also become a critical issue.


GREENMAX has taken up this challenge to improve the commitment to recycling EPS across the world. The main question is, why EPS foam has such low recycling rate?


One reason is that many people don't think EPS is worth recycling, in other words, EPS recycling is difficult and costly. Due to its light weight and large volume, EPS recycling is more difficult than other materials such as steel, cardboard, etc. Therefore, many enterprises that recycle EPS have been trying to find an effective and affordable way to dispose such kind of foam waste.


The biggest difficulty with polystyrene recycling is to reduce the volume of waste, preferably at the place of origin, and before transport to the recycling facility. The bulk reduction devices available on the market include shredders, compactors and densifiers, which are widely used in the EPS recycling market.


GREENMAX can provide the three type of machines, and EPS compactor and foam densifier are popular across the world, especially European and American markets. Working with the screw compacting and melting technology, the machine can reduce the foam volume for 50 to 90 times, which greatly save storage and transportation costs.


One of the biggest benefits of EPS recycling and foam waste management equipment for enterprises is that it helps reduce costs. Technologically advanced equipment helps to reduce personnel involvement to a large extent, and reduce transportation costs greatly being compacted into dense foam blocks.


GREENMAX will be responsible for your entire EPS recycling project, including pre-ROI calculations, government grant applications, and the procurement of your recycled EPS blocks. We have a whole industry chain of EPS recycling.