GREENAMX has new type of foam densifier for sale for EPS recycling

GREENMAX now has enjoyed a wide range of popularity around the world for its high efficiency and effectiveness of EPS recycling. It is well known by people for the foam volume reduction but not every one is familiar with the recycling details. This essay, fortunately, is focused on the details that you may get interested in.

Taking EPS foam densifier as a list, to apply such a recycling machine, the first step is crushing. When the operators throw the bulky EPS waste into the crusher one by one, countless foam pieces can be seen immediately, mixed under the shredder. Next, these EPS pieces will go into the melting machine for the second step. The operators will need to heating the foam densifier in advance to a certain temperature by controlling the Electric Cabinet. When the foam pieces arrived, they will be melted into hot EPS ingots and squeezed out of the exit. Under such circumstances, a steel container is needed for the ingots cooling and shaping.

After the EPS volume reduction through GREENMAX foam densifier, the next step is the preparation for granulation. People may need to collect the EPS ingots together in the warehouse and then apply a granulator such as the famous EREMA, or else, people can also sell these ingots to others in need. All of this is for the appliance of new recycled plastic products.

Year after year, GREENMAX regularly has adequate stock of foam densifier for sale and apart from convention machine types, it still has now been advanced into more types with more functions such as to add conveyor or silos. As different customers have different unique cases, GREENMAX can provide specially customized types of recycling machines for unique foam recycling solutions.

To pursue EPS recycling, and to conduct the whole process by yourself, GREENMAN can do you a favor with no hesitation.