GREENMAX Has Greatly Contributed to the EPS Packaging Recycling of Furniture Industry

As long as you have read the news recently, you may know that many industries have been impacted by COVID-19 in the past two years. Some industries have shrunk in market scale, and some small companies deeply involved face desperate bankruptcy circumstances. But there is an industry that is developed under the overall market downturn, that is the furniture industry. Fortunately for furniture manufacturers, consumers after COVID-19 have a strong desire to improve their living space under the combination of sustainable development trends and increasing attention to the importance of family.

COVID-19 forces nearly 58% of the world's population to stay at home. As social distance becomes the new normal, consumer spending on furniture and household goods will soar. In fact, in the months of global isolation, online buyers in the furniture industry have increased by 12%. For furniture manufacturers, this is an opportunity, but also brings troubles. Behind the surge of orders is a large number of EPS packaging, if not handled, it is contrary to the advanced concept of sustainable development. GREENMAX has realized the importance of EPS recycling to the furniture industry and has taken action to this end.

In fact, as an expert in the recycling industry, GREENMAX has long realized the importance of EPS recycling in the furniture industry. As a 100% recyclable material, EPS is often sent to landfills by traditional recycling methods. It is said that a lot of garbage is misplaced resources, and EPS is no exception. As the raw material of granulation, EPS has been popular in the market. Just because of the high cost of warehousing and import, many companies think that it is better to directly landfill than spend more money on these "eco-friendly businesses". 

The EPS machine designed by GREENMAX is fully capable of dealing with the above-mentioned problems of warehouse and transportation costs. EPS machine includes EPS densifier with hot melt technology and EPS compactor with cold pressing technology. These devices use advanced technology to compress EPS packaging, and compact EPS packaging into ingots/blocks with high proportion and zero pollution. 

The highlight of GREENMAX is that it will eventually buy back these ingots/blocks and transport them to its granulation plant in Malaysia. The plastic particles will be made into photo frames and sold all over the world. Complete the terminal recycling of EPS packaging. In North America, several famous furniture companies, such as McArthur Fine Furniture and The Brick, have cooperated with GREENMAX and achieved satisfactory results. 

EPS machine enables these furniture companies to save storage and transportation costs and finally can choose the most environmentally friendly way to deal with the surge of EPS packaging. EPS machine not only makes furniture companies on the road to sustainable development but also makes them get extra profits from recycling EPS. It is believed that in the future, with the continuous dedication of GREENMAX, the EPS recycling industry in North America will be further developed.