GREENMAX has always supported the plastic recycling program

In order to meet the EU directive on environmental protection, Spain started a nationwide ban on freely providing contaminated and degradable plastic bags as of January 1, 2018. The ban covers all venues and units that provide public service activities. The service party can no longer give customers free one-time plastic bags, but must charge a minimum fee of € 0.05-0.30 per bag. Equal to all stores, public places that provide plastic bags to guests must also charge for the bags.

The Spanish environmental protection agency said that about 238 plastic bags are used per person in Spain one year. The EU environmental directive aims to reduce it to 90 by 2019 and to less than 40 by 2025. In the future, Spain will launch an environmental awareness campaign to correct the long-held misconception that plastic bags are light, cheap and harmless, and promote the use of environmentally friendly materials such as cloth bags, paper bags, and change users' usage habit.

The structure of the plastic is stable, and it is not easily degraded by natural microorganisms, and it is not separated for a long time in the natural environment. This means that if the waste plastic is not recycled, it will become permanent and accumulating in the environment, which will cause great harm to the environment.

To recycle waste plastic, GREENMAX machine is your best choice, which has serviced more than 68 countries in the plastic recycling industry. GREENMAX Poseidon Series packaging dewatering compactor specializes in de-watering and compacting beverage bottles and plastic packaging recycling. It also can process materials include PET bottles, aluminum cans, plastic, bags, PP/PE films, beverage cartons and yogurt cups. What’s more, GREENMAX also has polystyrene recycling machine, foam food tray compactor and EPS compactor to help you deal with all kinds of plastic waste.

GREENMAX has always supported the plastic recycling program. In the road to plastic waste recycling, we will always stand by your side to help you. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.