GREENMAX's foam recycling machine high-efficiency recycling in Mexico


In Mexico, approximately 60,000 tons of foam are produced annually, although this material can be recycled but is more easily discarded.


At present, the recycling process in Mexico does not make full use of the potential second life of this material. The country's 17% recovery rate indicates that there is still much work to be done in recycling.


The attitude of Mexican recyclers to foam is important. A professional foam recycler, as long as they purchase a professional plastic recycling machine, a GREEENMAX foam densifier, can efficiently recycle tons of discarded foam every year.


The foam densifier recycling machine can help recyclers to improve the recovery efficiency. The machine is made of high-end spare parts such as Siemens and PHOENIX. The screw technology can completely squeeze out the air components in the foam waste and produce high-density recycled foam ingot. This kind of ingot is convenient for transportation and storage, and most importantly, it can be sold as a commodity.


Users in the recycled foam market are in the manufacturing of photo frames, construction, home and agriculture. Recyclers can sell directly to these industries or through distributors, or in partnership with GREENMAX, GREENMAX buy back recycled foam ingots, giving this material a second life.


GREEENMAX has three types of recycling machines, each of which helps Mexican recyclers efficiently recycle foam waste.