GREENMAX foam recycling machine has promoted the Styrofoam recycling program in Canada


How often do you use foam containers and Styrofoam packaging? Expanded polystyrene, mainly known as Styrofoam, can be a good packaging choice because it is light weight, low cost, strong, insulated, and more important is that it is also sanitary and recyclable. Styrofoam is a popular packaging material among Canadians.


Styrofoam is almost 100% recyclable, about 41% to 44% of Canadian communities accept PS food containers, and in their recycling programs, many communities provide whereabouts for clean foam waste, but the recycling rate of Styrofoam is lower than other materials and offers us opportunities for improvement.


The problem is that PS foam is bulky – filled with 90% air, so it’s expensive to collect from households and ship to processors. Fortunately, with the development of technology, these problems can be solved by professional recycling machines.


The city of Toronto is now accepting Styrofoam as part of its roadside waste collection program. The latest pilot project focuses on Styrofoam from roadside bins. Some Ontario cities accept white Styrofoam from warehouses. This alternative approach eliminates roadside collection and MRF processing costs, which can exceed $1,000 per ton of management.


In fact, the main thrust of the Styrofoam recycling program is the introduction of professional foam recycling equipment. If your company have enough budget, it is recommended to use GREENMAX foam densifier, this kind of machine has high capacity, high compression ratio of 90:1, and the melted foam ingots are in high density and high quality which can be sold at a good price.


If the local environmental protection policy is strict, GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor is a good choice. The cold compressing machine are more energy efficient, durable, the compression ratio is up to 50:1, and the compressed foam blocks are accepted by most manufacturers.


Now, more and more communities in Canada are using the system to "densify" the loose foam and push the air out to help make transportation more cost-effective. It is GREENMAX machine that makes Styrofoam recycling easier.