GREENMAX foam densifiers profitable approach attracts home appliance manufacturers

From manual homework using foam in primary school to foam packaging for home appliance packaging, foam can be any shape you want as long as it is cut, mainly because of the high plasticity of foam. Coupled with low cost and expansion, foam is the packaging material of choice for home appliance manufacturers, but at the same time the problem is that if foam densifier is not used for recycling, foam packaging waste will fill the entire warehouse.

Foam densifier M-C200 is developed by the famous California machine brand GREENMAX. The foam contains 98% air content and foam densifier main function is compress . The machine has a built-in rotary cutter and a hot-melt screw. The maximum output of one M-C200 can reach 200kg / h. The cutter is responsible for cutting the foam into dust, and then melting it by the high temperature of the hot-melt screw, and finally produces a high-density foam ingot with a volume ratio of 90: 1 to the foam waste.

For a small and medium-sized home appliance manufacturer, the foam densifier M-C200 can ensure timely recycling of foam packaging waste and avoid accumulation of foam waste in the home appliance warehouse. The recycled foam ingot not only saves storage space, it can also be sold as a commodity. The end markets such as photo frames, park benches, and hangers will purchase foam ingot as the raw material for their products.

GREENMAX is committed to better serve its customers, and GREENMAX promises machine customers that it will repurchase foam ingots it produces. GREENMAX sells not only machines but also profitable complete foam recycling projects.

Foam densifier is not only a machine that helps home appliance manufacturers organize their warehouses, it is also a profitable way for home appliance manufacturers to turn waste into treasure. You know, the profitable foam recycling model is the most attractive to businesses.