GREENMAX foam densifier meets the diverse foam recycling needs of our customers


One trend is that the severity of foam pollution has reached the point where the government must do something.


Whether in Asia or Europe, the government is looking for better ways to reduce pollution and deal with the foam waste that has already been produced. For example, the Chinese government has tried to integrate the renewable resource recovery system with the domestic garbage collection system in Shanghai this year. The European Union also imposed restrictions on the use of foam materials in foam related enterprises.


Although the way governments adopt different approaches, the purpose they want to achieve is the same. At the same time, GREENMAX foam recycling machine provides some help in it.


The foam densifier M-C200 developed by GREENMAX uses screw hot melt technology. Firstly, the foam waste is crushed by the built-in cutter. The powdered foam waste is melted by screw heating. Finally, through the discharge hole, people sort out the recycled foam ingot like solid bricks.


The volume ratio of foam ingot to foam waste can reach 90:1, which greatly facilitates stacking and transportation. If just simply compress the volume and reduce the recycling cost, obviously this does not make GREENMAX widely available.


The biggest advantage of GREENMAX is the additional service on the foam recycling machine. GREENMAX promised to purchase foam ingot to be used in the production of frame strips, which can not only realize the recycling required by the government, but also help companies turn profits.


GREENMAX is upgrading its services and perfecting the foam recycling project to meet a wide range of customers. Whether it is the reuse of foam waste, or the profitability of foam recycling.