GREENMAX foam densifier is rapidly improved in recent years


In recent years, waste foam plastic recycling has been a common business. Foam materials, like EPS and EPE are widely used in the packaging industry, these material has so good performance that there are no other material can replace them at present. Foam material is usually large in size, and difficult to transport, this has driven the rapid development of waste foam recycling machinery.



GREENMAX foam densifier is efficiency and it has been rapidly improved in recent years. The equipment of the MARS series also called foam hot melt machine, it works with the hot melting principle with the compression ratio of 90:1. The main aim for using a foam densifier is to realize foam volume reduction, storage space saving and easy to convey finished products. If it is necessary, we can also accept customization. GREENMAX is committed to providing the best service to our customers.

The dual-shaft crushing knife is used in the foam densifier machine, which can effectively break the waste foam material into smaller pieces and enter the screw. The screw rotates at high speed to transport the broken materials to the circular cylinder. When the square die is formed, the material starts to cool down, and the square recycling object is extruded from the die. According to the required length, the cutting machine automatically cuts off to complete the production process.



However, because the working process of a foam densifier requires at least two operators, the ordinary foam hot melt machine is not highly automated. One person is mainly responsible for foam material transfer and dripping, and the other is working for foam output and molding. If the amount of foam is too large, it will require more manpower.



The good news is that improvements have been proposed, such as the configuration of conveyor belts, automatic cutters and water cooling devices. These improvements have greatly enhanced the degree of automation of the foam densifier, saving manpower and making the entire machine operation process more efficient.