GREENMAX foam densifier is a new breakthrough in the Styrofoam recycling industry


In order to reduce the pollution caused by waste foam plastics, people now pay more attention to protecting the environment. The concept of environmental protection is becoming more and more popular. Protecting the natural environment that human society depends on is our common responsibility and urgent obligation.


Through years of accumulation and practice in Styrofoam recycling industry, GREENMAX has successfully developed a new type of Styrofoam densifier Mars series hot melt equipment combined with the most advanced foam recycling technology in Europe and the United States.


This equipment is our latest achievement, the foam volume reduction ratio is up to 90 times, safe and power saving, plus exhaust hood without pollution gas leakage. It can be also customized according to your requirements, including hopper, water cooling system, automatic cutter, as well as conveyor belt are available. Under the guidance of efficient and practical idea, the transformation and upgrading of GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier was realized.


This GREENMAX MARS series Styrofoam hot melt machine is divided into four types according to different production capacity. After testing in domestic and overseas markets, it can meet almost all production capacity needs of customers, featuring high performance, space saving and convenient transportation.


The performance and characteristics of GREENMAX foam densifier:


This machine can compress the loose foam into small and heavy blocks, considering the shipping cost of imported foam materials from abroad, whose volume needs to be further compressed, GREENMAX has developed a professional Styrofoam densifier, which can quickly crush, melt and extrude the loose foam into dense blocks.


Actually, INTCO recycling is also a Styrofoam buyer, the melted foam ingots can be sold back to our company at a high price, this is our commitment. On the one hand, the recycled foam blocks are valuable industrial raw materials and can be used to make new foam products such as photo frames. On the other hand, our company is a professional and the world's leading manufacturer of picture frames and decorative moldings, so we can accept almost all your blocks compressed by GREENMAX machines. GREENMAX machines help you realize the reuse of Styrofoam and creates greater profits.