GREENMAX Foam Densifier Aims at Maximizing the Recyclability of Foam

As is known to us, foam is extraordinarily difficult to recycle, thus the majority of businesses that have much foam to dispose of choose landfill. However, as the old saying goes that Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it, according to the latest recycling report of the United States, 136.8 million pounds of foam has been recycled in 2019.

The fact is that foam is not non-recyclable depending on whether you attempt. GREENMAX recycling, a representative of the North American recycling industry, designed foam densifier, a machine based on hot-melting technology, and aimed to make full use of the recyclability of foam to realize the revolution of recycling business. This benefits brought by GREENMAX foam densifier will be reflected in the following aspects:

The Reduction of Operating Costs

According to the EPA, 9.1% of plastic material generated in the U.S. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) stream was recycled in 2015, while 75.4% was sent to landfills, which is not free and needs to be handled by a dedicated waste management company. As long as you don't stop using this material, the high cost will always exist. Without any co-called specialist, foam densifier will automatically hot-melt the foam up to the 1/90 volume of original, which also save the storage cost.


Terminal Recycling Services and Additional Profits

Maybe you will have such doubts that although the foam will be hot-melted as ingots with a foam densifier, it seems to be useless for us, like changing from one type of waste to another. Don’t worry, what GREENMAX provides is a complete recycling project including not only disposing of the foam but also purchasing back the ingots at a high price, which makes you achieve profits and recycle foam meanwhile. If you are a builder or logistics provider, aren't you happy with the solution that can help you solve the headache of foam and quickly earn back the cost of machine purchase?


Advanced Green Concept and Environment-friendly

Now the government and the public have higher demands on the environmental protection of business with stricter policies and more careful public supervision. The design of foam densifier conforms to this trend and will not produce any waste gas which will cause secondary pollution to the environment in the process of use. In addition, it advocates the recycling concept, which is the closed-loop and makes the foam constantly be reused. its impact on the environment is far-reaching.