GREENMAX foam compactors can help people reduce foam volume for recycling

Polystyrene foam is used heavily in food service because it’s cheap, but very little of it is recycled or reused due to food contamination. In that respect it is a more problematic source of waste than single-use plastic bags, many of which at least do double duty picking up dog waste or lining a household trash can.

Many countries will call for banning stores and restaurants from using polystyrene containers for prepared food. The ban on polystyrene foam food and beverage containers will block the use of containers typically used to serve or sell food items.


However, businesses such as groceries, convenience stores and restaurants, and town offices and departments, will be impacted by the new rule. They need to find other alternatives which may be much more expensive than other alternatives. It will lead to a higher cost for them.

The reason of foam use ban is that people thought foam containers are not recycled at all and those items often end up as litter or landfill which is not good for the environment. Actually if people send foam containers to landfill, the transport fee will also not be a small number.


Actually, polystyrene foam is a valuable material that can be recycled to make other plastic products like XPS insulation boards. But the world’s polystyrene foam recycling rate is quite low which is about 30%. This data reveals that the recycling concept is not high among people. So instead of banning use of polystyrene foam containers, recycling would be a much more environmental solution.

GREENMAX from INTCO recycling is a foam recycling specialist, it can help food service industry to dispose the foam containers. GREENMAX foam compactor is a machine that can compress the foam containers into blocks with small volume. It can work at a ratio of 50:1. It means before compacting, 50 trucks were needed to take the foam containers to landfill and now only one truck is needed. The compacted blocks can be stacked on a pallet and sold for recycling. On a truck or in a container approx. 20 tons can be loaded.

INTCO is willing to purchase back all the recycled blocks with a good price, because it uses the blocks to make their own frame products. As you can know, polystyrene need to be recycled instead of banning use or landfill which may bring people unexpected trouble.