GREENMAX EPS recycling machines help you reduce EPS disposal cost


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) and other industrial EPS foam types are 98% air and bulky in surface. Because of the high volume, products made from this material take up a lot of space after thrown into trash can, thus resulting in higher waste disposal costs.


Due to these characteristics of EPS, many companies are reluctant to accept this material, but some recycling companies and end users are actively looking for solutions for EPS recycling.


In order to save the processing cost and improve the return on investment, GREENMAX launched professional EPS recycling machine customized for customers to the market. Customers can choose EPS compactor or foam densifier according to their waste type and local policy. At the same time, our machines are divided into different types according to the production capacity. GREENMAX will evaluate the machine types you need according to your monthly foam waste quantity.


The main advantage of EPS compactor is that it is environmentally friendly, and the compressed foam blocks are accepted by most recyclers or manufacturers for the production of new foam products. EPS densifier is very popular in the United States and Canada. It’s main advantages are high compression ratio and simple operation. GREENMAX foam densifiers are more preferred in some regions due to the high production capacity.


GREENMAX EPS recycling machine is ideal for manufacturing plants, distribution centers, delivery companies, recycling centers and warehouses. We can help you reduce foam volume and save storage and shipping cost in an effective way. We must make it clear to everyone that EPS is not waste, but a renewable resource, we can make profits from EPS recycling.