GREENMAX EPS recycling machine brings new business to the Logistics companies

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is probably the most common form of plastic package in our daily life, which often used for hot drinks, refrigerator and electronic packaging. This bulky and lightweight material inevitably needs to be recycled.

Usually, we can find a large amount of EPS waste that needs to be disposed of in some EPS manufacturing plants, packaging companies or some home appliance stores. What we may ignore is that some logistics companies also need EPS processing technology.

As we know, with the improvement of service quality, some logistics companies not only have the task of transportation, but also take the responsibility of installation, which means the problems of how to deal with the packaging materials will arise in the process of installation. As for the packaging materials are usually paper and EPS foam, the large and bulky package is really a annoy for our customers. Therefore, in order to better serve our clients, the installer chooses to take them away.

With the development of this mode, many logistics companies gradually find that they always have a large amount of EPS waste to deal with. However, the traditional disposal way consumes lots of manpower and material resources, and they are in urgent need of an efficient and beneficial way for EPS recycling.

The sites of CEVA in San Diego, California are mainly responsible for the distribution of household appliance from GE (General Electric Company), the company distributes hundreds of appliances to end customers in San Diego every day, resulting in a large amount of EPS waste needing to be disposed of.

In 2016, the company placed the first set of EPS densifier GREENMAX M-C50 to compress EPS waste. After six months of operation, they are very satisfied with the GREENMAX machine and after-sales service. With the growth of their business, the company purchased GREENMAX M-C200 melting machine later.

GREENMAX EPS recycling machines not only help the logistics companies save the cost of EPS waste disposal, but also a new business for them, as melted EPS ingots could sell at a good price and bring high profits to the company.