GREENMAX EPS foam densifier - A Reliable EPS Foam Recycling Expert


Westmoreland Cleanways, and Recycling (WCR), a nonprofit environmental organization based in southwestern Pennsylvania, has received a $46,500 grant from the Foam Recycling Coalition (FRC), Falls Church, Virginia, to purchase a EPS foam densifier to its drop-off facility that recovers hard-to-recycle materials. This is not the first time FRC has donated money to local organizations in the United States and encourage them purchase recycling machines, which demonstrate its commitment to recycling and expectations for EPS foam densifier.


WCR wants to purchase the foam recycling machine, you must choose a partner. As the leader of the recycling market in the United States, GREENMAX, which has thousands of customers in the United States and the world, is undoubtedly a trustworthy enterprise committed to EPS foam recycling.


GREENMAX EPS foam densifier will allow WCR to collect any type of foam, including foodservice packaging like cups, plates, bowls, clamshells and cafeteria trays), other foam food packaging likes egg cartons and meat trays) and block protective packaging foam found with electronics or furniture.


The operation process of GREENMAX EPS foam densifier includes throwing EPS foam, crushing it, hot-melting by heating device, extruding with screw and finally. forming hot-melted ingots with 1/90 of original volume, which can be sold to recyclers and purchase back by GREENMAX. This process can make profits while recycling EPS, and achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and profit, which make EPS foam recycling enter the positive circulation.


According to the report, the United States recovered 113.8 million pools of EPS foam in 2018. More and more data show that EPS foam recycling is in vigorous development due to organizations like FRC, which is willing to provide financial support, and companies like GREENMAX, which is committed to continuously providing advanced recycling technologies. I trust that EPS foam recycling will have a bright future in combination with the growing awareness of environmental protection of people and a company like GREENMAX that is responsible for EPS foam recycling.