GREENMAX EPS densifier offers specialized foam recycling solution


EPS foam is very common in our daily life, especially in the transportation process is widely used as insulation and product protection materials. Delivery of household appliances and transportation of fragile items require EPS packaging materials to prevent product damage during transportation.



EPS recycling is very common in some countries and regions, such as Japan. However, due to the influence of local policies and waste management system, EPS is always not effectively recycled in many countries and regions.

Among the many factors affecting EPS recycling, professional equipment is the key to ultimately promote your EPS recycling programs.



GREENMAX EPS densifier is a foam recycling equipment which produces densifier after a process of shredding, melting and extruding, the loose foam becomes tight foam ingots, and volume reduction ratio up to 90:1. So the compression ratio of MARS EPS densifier is the highest among foam recycling machines.

The loose EPS waste is hot-melted by GREENMAX equipment and has many uses. Recycled EPS foam blocks can be processed and granulated, and PS pellets can be sold at a good price as raw materials for new items production. If you don't have a granulation system, you can sell the compressed foam blocks directly to the manufacturer, which is also a good option to make extra profits rather than just throwing them away and paying for disposal.



In the EPS recycling industry, the biggest advantage of GREENMAX is that we not only provide professional EPS densifier, but also purchase the recycled foam blocks back at a good price. As an EPS buyer, the one-stop solution of GREENMAX offers great convenience for many customers, this is also the factor that we can establish long-term and stable cooperation with our customers.