GREENMAX EPS compactor offers a good recycling way to plastic foam toys

As we all know, plastic foam pollution has been a worldwide problem nowadays. In the process of our consumption of plastic products, one field may often be ignored, that is, children's plastic foam toys. The reason for this neglect may be that the plastic toys are popular with children, but there is no doubt that this cheap, lightweight product is becoming a serious problem for our environment.

What we called plastic foam toys are often made of EPS, the number 6 plastic type, which can be more accurately called expanded polystyrene. This foam material contains more than 95% air, and often serves as packaging material, house insulation, single-used food containers and so on. The wide applications means that we can’t get out of EPS material in our daily life.

If in good condition, the used EPS foam can be used for more times. However, in modern times, people are pursuing something new and better. Taking children's toys as an example, adults are more likely to purchase a new one for their children, but what they don’t know is that some of these toys are just made of the EPS waste that you discard.

Plastic foam toys are probably more concentrated on plastics than on other consumer goods. However, once discarded, the EPS waste will be lasted for hundreds of years on earth, because EPS is non-degradable. For EPS waste disposal, recycling may be a better choice than burning and landfills.

EPS foam is difficult to dispose due to the lightweight and large volume features, GREENMAX EPS compactor is a specialist for EPS recycling. Equipped with a crusher, it can smash the waste EPS and compress it into tight blocks wit the compression ratio of 50:1. And the compacted EPS block can be sold for recycling and reusing to make new products, like photo frames, construction moldings and so on.

Recycling EPS foam becomes more important especially after more applications are found. As the saying goes, the more we recycle, the healthier we live. Have you find the correct for EPS recycling?