GREENMAX EPS Compactor Can Be A Beneficial Decision With Win Win Result

AS we know household EPS foam waste accounts for quite a little part of the total Styrofoam waste, polystyrene foam wastes mainly generated from industrial packaging, fishing industry, construction industry, the hospitals ,the schools and restaurants, where have created too many EPS waste that endangered our environment.

Due to the lack of investment in polystyrene compactors and the need for logistics systems, most polystyrene packing materials are currently not recycled. Since the relatively low density of polystyrene foam waste, it cannot be collected very well. However, if the waste material is well densified at an initial step, its density can usually be changed from 30 kg/m 3 to 330 kg/m 3,which becomes a high-quality recyclable situation.

GREENMAX EPS compactor is designed to solve this problem, it can reduce the size of EPS foam to a great extent, and the compression ratio can reach 1:30-1:50. The compressed finished product is an EPS foam block with an output up to 350kg/hour, making it easy to process the EPS foam material into another recycling form by polystyrene compactor.

This EPS compressor is mainly used to process foam insulation boards, EPS foam, EPE and the like.

Through the continuous improvement of the EPS foam compressor, GREENMAX recycling has achieved a superior performance. The EPS foam compressor is based on the PLC's automatic control system and peripheral circuit control.

First, the foam waste is reduced by the filter on the crusher , and then the material falls onto the screw, and the main motor pushes the pieced foam forward through the screw, while the hydraulic system of the die is closed to compress the foam. These materials will become blocks, the volume will be reduced by 40 to 50 times, and they will be easier to carry and transport.

Styrofoam is recyclable and valuable, in order to reduce the pollution and increase the rate of return on investment of polystyrene recycling, it is of great importance to set up EPS compactor on site.