GREENMAX Enables Logistics Companies to Recycle EPS Foam Packaging in a Compliant Manner

The convenient development of the Internet and the rise of online shopping have changed the development mode of retailers to a certain extent. Physical stores are gradually outdated in many fields. Therefore, as a retailer, if you want your brand to have a certain share in the market, the sales channel you can't bypass is online shopping.

In addition to the development of the Internet, the convenience of online shopping also depends on the developed logistics industry. For logistics providers, the rise of online shopping is not only an opportunity but also a new challenge, that is EPS foam logistics packaging. Yes, don't underestimate these EPS foam. Although it seems that it can be solved by landfills and incineration, this is not the case. Most countries that pay attention to environmental protection have strict systems and processes for EPS foam recycling and may be punished if they are not handled properly.

Therefore, the obstacles encountered by logistics companies in EPS foam recycling are huge. It can be said that polluting the environment is a high-voltage line for logistics companies. Now EPS foam densifier based on advanced hot screw compression technology may change all this.

How to handle these EPS foam packages in line with national policies? GREENMAX, a professional EPS foam recycling enterprise, maybe just what logistics providers need. GREENMAX can not only provide a foam densifier to help logistics companies compress these troublesome EPS foam wastes - EPS foam can be completely recycled and turned into compact ingots through crushing and hot melting, but also a recycler of EPS foam ingots.

Yes, GREENMAX provides a complete set of foam recovery systems in the real sense, from EPS foam densifier to hot melt EPS foam ingots recycling, to EPS foam granulation, all of which you can find in INTCO Recycling.

Logistics providers, please don't worry about these EPS foam packaging. GREENMAX will provide you with professional recycling solutions. A foam densifier can solve your troubles. It's not worth your headache. So, contact us and know more about foam densifier: +1 909 906 0333.