GREENMAX develops machine automation to bring more convenience to customers


As one of the brands of recycling machines, GREENMAX has developed a foam recycling machine for more than ten years, and is committed to providing customers with complete foam recycling solutions. GREENMAX takes notice of customers in some regions are not able to profit from bubble recycling due to labor costs. Therefore, for this type of customer, GREENMAX began the process of developing machine automation.


1. Conveyor belt

The GREENMAX machine is easy to operate, and in the process of use recycling machine, it is only necessary to manually put the waste foam into the hopper to produce recycled foam. However, in order to further improve the efficiency, engineers designed a conveyor belt that matches the machine.


2. Automatic cutter

To simplify the customer's operation, the GREENMAX team upgraded the hot melt machine and developed a water-cooled feed system that is fully automated and requires no manual operation. During the test, the cutting, water cooling and transport to the packaging container will not be sticky, the whole process is automatically. The water-cooled feeding system includes cutting, water-cooling conveying and spiral feeding. The hot melt material can be automatically collected into the packaging container, which greatly saves labor.


3. Heightening storehouse

The heightening storehouse is to prevent the bridging. The EPE material is a kind of soft foam. It falls into the recycling area after crushing. If the funnel is too small, the distance is too short and it is easy to block the funnel. If it is manually placed in the waste foam, it is necessary to check the condition of the funnel from time to time. To this end, GREENMAX has designed a heightening storehouse to solve this problem.


As a foam recycling specialist, GREENMAX will gradually improve itself in the field of foam recycling machines, bringing customers the perfect solution.