GREENMAX densifier is the right choice to recycle EPS for Mexican car manufacturers


EPS perfectly meets all the qualities required for the packaging process. For most manufacturers, when choosing packaging materials, EPS can be the first choice.


A car factory in Mexico is no exception. It uses EPS for packaging products, resulting in a large amount of EPS waste.


EPS is recyclable, but in recycling, EPS is different from most materials, and its recycling cost is much higher than the new price. Most manufacturers choose to pay for landfill fees to process EPS waste and purchase new EPS instead of recycling.


However, Mexico's auto factory has made different choices this time, and has launched EPS recycling cooperation with GREENMAX.


GREENMAX is a well-known manufacturer of EPS recycling machines. Because it was founded by the old brand recycling company in California, the biggest advantage is to provide customers with a complete EPS recycling project. GREENMAX supplied the EPS densifier M-C200 to the Mexican automotive plant.


EPS densifier uses hot melt technology to squeeze the air content of EPS, resulting in a recycled EPS ingot compression ratio of 90:1. The EPS ingot like a solid brick not only saves space for stacking, but also improves the efficiency of the transportation process.


The main reason why the Mexican factory chose to accept GREENMAX's EPS recycling project is that GREENMAX promised to repurchase EPS ingot for the production of photo frames and other products, directly helping Mexican factories to turn waste into profits. This is enough for manufacturers to seriously consider this project.


In fact, more and more manufacturers are starting to consider EPS recycling like Mexican automakers. After all, the cost of EPS recycling can be reduced by the GREENMAX recycling machine, and the environmental cost of landfill EPS has to go through hundreds of years and is difficult to reduce.