GREENMAX cooperated with Italian logistics company to promote EPS recycling


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a new type of material in the development of modern plastics industry. Its production has developed rapidly since 1951 when west Germany BASF company invented the volatile Polystyrene bead foam molding method and in the 1970s when the one-step molding method was invented in the United States.


Due to its good water resistance, thermal insulation and strong seismic strength, and light weight, strong, easy to shape, low price characteristics, EPS is widely used in packaging, insulation, insulation, shock absorption, decoration, catering and other industries.


According to statistics, the recycling rate of plastic in the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries has reached more than 50%. Italy not only recycles its own plastic waste, but also imports waste plastic from other European countries for recycling and reusing.


As a global foam recycling industry chain company, GREENMAX is gaining more and more market share in Italy with the enhancement of its professionalism. You can find the latest foam recycling information on our website.


At present, many terminal companies in Italy, such as furniture chains, logistics companies and seafood distributors, have started to look for EPS recycling schemes, which provides a good market condition for GREENMAX machinery.


According to the customer's description, the previous waste disposal method was mainly paid for treatment, EPS waste was "unsorted waste ", which was mixed with other waste and sent to landfill. Later learned that EPS can be compressed and sold at a good price, the company decided to recycle its foam waste packaging. The company finally decided to cooperate with GREENMAX to realize the complete recycling system for EPS waste.


The company finally purchased GREENMAX A-C200 EPS compactor and cooperated with us on EPS blocks. So far, the machine is running well and customer is very satisfied, and give us the operation video.


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