GREENMAX compactors can help you get rid of trash

On Saturday, a nonprofit group and volunteers participating in California Coastal Cleanup Day to collect polystyrene this material littler. The theme “Get rid of trash, not wildlife,” promoted this year.Polystyrene, often known by the trade name Styrofoam. Being a non-degradable material that is dangerous to our environment.

But there are steps you can take to minimize risks. Do not throw away polystyrene cups or takeout food containers in open-top trash cans, especially in coastal areas, litter are usually eaten by seabirds mistakenly. Even at home, we should take precautions when disposing of polystyrene wastes.

It is difficult to recycle Styrofoam in local curbside programs because they are voluminous and have no value. What’s more, transporting them to recycling plants is very expensive.


Fortunately, the material can be crushed into pieces less than one-quarter inch, mixed with virgin resin and used to manufacture the interiors of ice chests and packaging for the shipment of wine bottles.
To crush this material, a kind of recycling machine must be applied. GREENMAX is an American brand which has foam compactors and Styrofoam densifiers to dispose Styrofoam.


APOLO Series compactors can reduce the volume of waste foam up to 50:1. So the scattered and big size material can be compressed into tight block. Then the lightweight and scattered polystyrene foam will be easily transported.
Comparing to APOLO Series, Mars Series densifier is a kind of hot melting machine that is more efficient because it can work at a ratio of 90:1 that means you can get melted ingots which is 90 times smaller than the loose Styrofoam.To protect our environment, let’s start recycling today and getting rid of trash.