GREENMAX compactor Promoting Foam Recycling in Catering Industry


EPS recycling industry is in continuous development in the United States, GREENMAX Recycling, as the industry leader, recycling machine of GREENMAX represented by GREENMAX compactor has a market share of top 1 for many consecutive years.


But even in this case, the Maryland government still enacted a controversial law recently that goes into effect Oct. 1 prohibits restaurants, schools and other foodservice outlets from using EPS foam containers, aims to protect the environment and encourage people to use alternatives. As the old saying goes that every coin has two sides, although it's hard to degrade, foam is durable and cost-effective compared to alternatives that are twice to triple the cost and do not generally provide the same performance.


Once the law is enacted, people in the catering industry struggles with the increased costs. Since a total ban on EPS foam will not satisfy most people, the government can choose a compromise between prohibition and abuse that encourage people in the catering industry to recycle the EPS foam. GREENMAX compactor is specially designed by GREENMAX recycling to recycle EPS foam.


As is known to us, there are food residues on EPS foam containers used in the catering industry. It is very troublesome to recycle them, which is also an essential reason why the government chose to prohibit rather than recycle EPS foam container. The SWD(Shred-Wash-Dry)system of GREENMAX Compactor is aimed at dirty Styrofoam/EPS foam recycling, which can compress EPS foam containers with 50:1 compression ratio.


For the government and the local catering industry, it is undoubtedly a win-win method to use GREENMAX compactor On the one hand, EPS foam, a cheap and convenient material, can continue to be used in restaurants. On the other hand, when the waste EPS container can be recycled properly, the government does not have to worry that it will cause great pollution to the environment.


Although the EPS recycling machine of GREENMAX has achieved remarkable results in North America, which has always been at the forefront of the market. But GREENMAX Recycling has never stopped its own innovation. GREENMAX is committed to achieving a balance between the economy and the environment through the recycling and utilization of EPS foam, which satisfies the overwhelming majority of people.