GREENMAX Compactor Makes Photo Frame Production Greener Than Before

Before the advent of plastic photo frame, all of frame products have been made from wood, straightforwardly, people cut down trees everywhere illegally to get raw materials, which caused serious impacts on environment, and in retaliation, natural calamities happened more often in the past century, thus, people feel the urgency to use alternative material to replace wood, and then plastic frame products come to the stage, which is more energy-saving, cost-effective and lightweight.

As polystyrene is hard to biodegrade by nature, which also create lots of white pollutions,many cities and countries have banned the use of Styrofoam or polystyrene packaging foam as a large number of people think that recycling polystyrene foam cannot be done, that's a misconception.

Giving consideration to its lightweight and bulky-size properties, which makes styrofoam recycling difficult and uneconomic, GREENMAX Screw Compactor can help eliminate your concerns easily, comprised of advanced technologies, specialized in compressing all kinds of EPS scraps and can greatly reduce the volume of EPS waste up to 50:1.
As most people do not have the correct concept on how to recycle styrofoam, most of them end up in landfills or burnt, which have much pollution on air, water and soil. With the help of GREENMAX densifier, it can compact the EPS waste into tight block and the compacted EPS can be reused. As a result, the pollution and resource condition will be improved and changed much.

Thanks to the GREENMAX screw polystyrene compactor, we can make frame products without cutting down trees, which is the natural resource we as human beings should save for the next generation, moreover, EPS scrap is a material of value and convenience.