GREENMAX EPS recycling machine helps furniture stores get rid of foam packaging waste

EPS is an attractive product packaging material because it is strong, yet lightweight, and it is an effective insulator whose structure protects the product from impact damage. However, EPS waste has also become a troublesome issue for many furniture and home appliance manufacturers, and urgently needs professional EPS recycling machine.

In furniture manufacturers' assembly workshops, distribution center warehouses and retail stores, a large amount of EPS material waste will be generated and accumulated. As an end user of EPS foam products, the first thought might be to find a local recycler to haul away the waste, usually free or for a small fee. But the reality is that EPS disposal is difficult, with some recyclers not accepting it or not being able to take the waste in time. So these EPS packaging waste will take up a lot of space. Moreover, waste management is very troublesome and brings a great safety hazard to the factory.

EPS waste such as factory packaging scraps are part of it. In addition, some large furniture chains have their own logistics services. They are responsible for a range of services such as shipping, dismantling and installation, and packaging waste disposal, which means they have to deal with all the packaging waste generated in the process.

Among these packaging materials, EPS accounts for a large proportion. The bulky surface of EPS material makes the material very expensive to transport, and not all recyclers are willing and able to accept these material. Therefore, many furniture stores and logistics companies choose to buy recycling machine and dispose of these wastes by themselves.

In order to get rid of the trouble of EPS recycling, GREENMAX has designed professional EPS recycling machine with different types according to the situation of the industry, providing the best capacity reduction solution for EPS packaging disposal.

GREENMAX EPS recycling machine works with the screw compacting principle, making loose EPS packaging into dense foam ingots, the 50:1 compression ratio helps save transportation costs greatly. EPS recycling is a good business for furniture stores to get rid of foam packaging waste and make extra profits.