Government grants have helped local companies purchase professional foam densifier

As more residents recognize the recyclability of EPS/foam, the demand for foam recycling centers of drop-offs is increasing, and some local communities and governments have begun calling for recycling foam waste rather than sent to them to landfills. As a result, the market demand for foam densifier has also increased.

With a grant from the Kansas department of Health and Environment and some help from the county, a local recycling company was able to buy a machine to recycle foam waste. A total of 75% of the costs can be covered by grants only.

Local government funding has enabled many small and medium-sized enterprises to buy equipment and invest in EPS/foam recycling projects. During the grant application process, the government often inspects foam densifier manufacturers to make sure they are buying high-quality machines.

GREENMAX, as a professional foam recycling machine manufacturer, has been engaged in the sale of foam densifiers. With a deep understanding of the polystyrene recycling market, GREENMAX has literally become a EPS/foam recycling specialist with a full range of solutions for EPS foam recycling, including compression, buyback, granulation, and reproduction.

GREENMAX foam densifier coats the foam waste into tiny pieces and melts it at temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. The main point is to reduce the size and amount of waste foam to reduce the trouble of transporting it to a recycling center. The melted foam blocks not only reduce transportation costs, but also save storage spaces.

Also as a EPS/foam buyer, we purchase foam material from all over the world, GREENMAX has established an inseparable relationship with our machine customers, forming a cooperative network throughout the foam recycling industry. We are looking forward to establish a true sustainable development business in foam recycling.